Singapore, 21 October 2016 – JN Medsys, a company focused on empowering genomic analysis through its tube-strip digital PCR product, announces that it has entered into a distribution agreement with LMS Co., Ltd. to bring the Clarity™ system into the Japanese market.

With this agreement, users in Japan can now gain access to the Clarity™ system, which features a unique chip-in-a-tube design to generate the partitions needed for digital PCR. The novel tube-strip format allows up to 96 reactions to be performed in each run, while eliminating sample loss with its simplified workflow. Simultaneous detection of the partition further reduces the overall run time. The end result: a faster and easier workflow, higher throughput, and better quality data in digital PCR. This provides a valuable tool for Japanese users requiring absolute quantification of nucleic acid targets for applications requiring high sensitivity and precision, such as rare mutations detection and copy number variation analysis.

The Clarity™ digital PCR system will be unveiled to customers in Japan at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan on 2 December 2016.

“The Japanese market, being one of the biggest in the world, is a very important one for us,” says Johnson Ng, Ph.D., founder and chief executive officer of JN Medsys. “As such, we are pleased and excited to have partnered one of the largest life science distributors in Japan to bring the Clarity system to as many customers there as possible. In this way, we hope to put into the hands of users a very good tool to perform digital PCR with ease, simplicity and affordability. Our eventual goal is to add significant value to their work, be it for research, clinical or applied testing”.

“I am very happy to say that LMS is the correct partner for JN Medsys to enter into the Japanese market. The Clarity system employs a unique chip-in-a-tube design for a totally new method of doing digital PCR. As a result of that innovation, the Clarity is easy to use yet offering tremendous cost savings along with brilliant performance. We are really looking forward to bringing the Clarity to customers in the Japanese market”, says Junya Tominaga, Executive Director, Sales and Marketing at LMS Co., Ltd.

This latest appointment is in line with JN Medsys’ strategy to rapidly expand its distribution network in the Asia-Pacific region, one that has the fastest growth rate in the world. It has already inked distributor agreements across the region, including China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Republic of China (Taiwan).

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About JN Medsys

JN Medsys is a company focused on empowering genomic analysis through its Clarity tube-strip digital PCR system. It is driven by the desire to make digital PCR, which is one of the fastest growing technologies for genetic analysis, more accessible to end users. Through the Clarity system, it aims to set a new standard for absolute nucleic acids quantification. It strives to deliver simplified solutions that achieve improved performance in the areas of research, clinical and applied testing. Our purpose is to make lives better through providing superior products and outstanding service to our community in all of these areas.


About LMS

LMS is one of Japan’s largest suppliers of a wide range of products for life science, biotech and medical market along with application and technical services. LMS sources products from both domestic and foreign countries and supplies products to swiftly meet customer’s daily needs. The three major policies of the company are “Reliance”, “Reliability” and “Steadiness”.