Singapore, 23 April 2017 – JN Medsys, a life science company focused on developing cutting-edge genomic technologies, announced the appointment of Research Biolabs Pte Ltd as its distributor of the ClarityTM digital PCR system in both Singapore and Malaysia. This partnership aims to strengthen the presence of ClarityTM in Singapore while allowing it to expand into the Malaysia market.

ClarityTM is a novel digital PCR system which adopts a chip-in-a-tube design to generate the partitions required for DNA analysis. This innovative tube-strip format simplifies the cumbersome workflow typically associated with digital PCR by making it quick and easy to load, partition, thermal cycle and detect the reactions. With these features, users can expect a streamlined workflow for absolute quantification of nucleic acids with high sensitivity and precision required for clinical applications such as rare mutations detection and copy number variation analysis.

Dr. Johnson Ng, founder and CEO of JN Medsys, says: “Research Biolabs is the leading provider of innovative genomic technologies in South East Asia for both research and diagnostic labs. We are excited about this partnership as it enables more users in this region to gain access to a very sensitive and affordable tool for digital PCR analyses.

“With JN Medsys’ goal to improve lives by delivering simplified scientific solutions and their innovative development of ClarityTM, we believe this partnership will bring value to the users with a positive impact in both Research and Molecular Diagnostic Testing”, says Director of Commercial Operations, Research Biolabs, Mr William Lin.

This latest appointment is in line with JN Medsys’ strategic plan to expand its distribution network in the Asia-Pacific region, one that has the fastest growth rate in the world. It has already inked distributor agreements across the region, including China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Republic of China (Taiwan).

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About JN Medsys

JN Medsys is a company focused on empowering genomic analysis through its Clarity tube-strip digital PCR system. It is driven by the desire to make digital PCR, which is one of the fastest growing technologies for genetic analysis, more accessible to end users. Through the Clarity system, it aims to set a new standard for absolute nucleic acids quantification. It strives to deliver simplified solutions that achieve improved performance in the areas of research, clinical and applied testing. Our purpose is to make lives better through providing superior products and outstanding service to our community in all of these areas.


About Research Biolabs

Research Biolabs is a life science company headquartered in Singapore, serving the South-East Asia (SEA) region with a team of trained biotechnology professionals since 1994. We are a distributor company providing solutions from more than 10 principal brands to the Life science, Biomedical Research and Medical sectors in SEA. Our portfolio covers a comprehensive range of products and services, comprising of life science kits and reagents focusing on imaging, signaling pathways, genomics quantitative/qualitative reagents, molecular reference standards and instruments that include PCR cyclers, dPCR, liquid dispensing machines, laser microdissection system. As your preferred partner for life science and biomedical research, we are dedicated to helping you get the best results possible.