What drives us

JN Medsys is a life science company driven by the desire to make complex genomic tools accessible to more people. Through a relentless commitment to innovation, we aim to provide superior solutions to help researchers and healthcare practitioners achieve improved performance at affordable prices.


JN Medsys was founded on Christmas Day of 2010. Our aim is to grow into a responsible and caring global company of committed employees who work hard, have fun, and make excellent products. JN Medsys is also part of Camtech Management, an incubator of high-tech start-ups in the fields of biotechnology, microfluidics, lab on a chip, and wireless sensing.


To make lives better through providing superior products and outstanding service to our community.


To deliver simplified scientific solutions that achieve improved performance at better affordability.

Dr. Johnson Ng

Dr. Johnson NG

Founder & CEO

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Dr. Meng-Han Kuok

Dr. Meng-Han Kuok


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“The only happy people in the world are those who have learned how to serve”

 Rick Warren

Victor CHAN

Chief Financial Officer

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Chee-Kien Hong

Chee-Kien YONG

Director, Engineering

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